Case Studies

Every SafeStart client has a unique success story. Here are some of their achievements.

Featured case study

Vector Construction

“Vector’s employees are more proactive than other contractors when it comes to safety.”

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  • Goodrich

    “SafeStart injected energy into our safety program and helped us avoid a culture of complacency.”

  • Viking Air

    In addition to reducing incidents in Viking’s corporate facilities, SafeStart helps prevent off-the-job injuries too.


  • Crane Army Ammunition Activity

    Consistent dedication to a culture of safety earns Crane a VPP Star Site recognition.

  • Lone Star

    “SafeStart training has had such far-reaching cultural effects that some employees have taken their workbooks home to educate their families.”


  • Etex

    Etex is a Belgian company with more than a century of experience.

  • Vector Construction

    “Vector’s employees are more proactive than other contractors when it comes to safety.”

Food and Beverage

  • Cargill Malt

    “Success is based on culture and not isolated initiatives. It is about instilling a culture rather than instituting a mandatory process.”

  • Heineken Brazil

    “Following procedures and adopting safe attitudes became viewed as something valued, not simply expected.”

  • High Liner Foods

    “With the remarkable improvements they’ve seen in their already good safety program, they can comfortably live by the phrase ‘zero accidents is possible.’”

  • United Biscuits

    “The SafeStart program gives employees the tools to keep safety in mind—even when they are under pressure.”

  • Wellpark Brewery

    “SafeStart has been introduced together with, not instead of, improvements in the workplace.”


  • Ku-ring-gai Council

    Along with reducing workers’ compensation claims by 80%, SafeStart “has introduced a common language that has enabled our staff and managers to talk positively about the cause of injury and what each of us can do about it.”


  • GH Metal Solutions

    “Everywhere you look, you can see workers whose safety behavior has been transformed.”

  • Givaudan Latin America

    Five years after implementing SafeStart, accidents were reduced by 92%.

  • Leatherman Tools

    In his third training session, one accident-prone employee exclaimed, “Now I understand why I get hurt.”

  • Playworld Systems

    “The training delivers valuable insights that help address common states of mind and unintentional errors, which benefits employees while on the job and at home.”

  • Plymouth Tube

    “SafeStart helped us to make a culture change instead of introducing a bunch of rules.”

  • Quincy Compressor

    After SafeStart training, workers’ compensation costs “came to a grand total of fifty-five dollars.”

  • Scot Forge

    Named one of America’s Safest Companies by EHS Today, Scot Forge attributes part of their success to SafeStart.


  • Coeur Mining

    Coeur Mining is a well-diversified producer of precious metals with five mines in North America.

  • Epiroc

    Epiroc creates a future of safety behaviour for all employees.

  • Mineração Taboca

    How Mineração Taboca reached two million collective hours without accidents.

Oil & Gas

  • Strad Energy Services

    SafeTrack helped drive down TRIF by 87%. “But it’s more than numbers. Talking with peers about safety is ‘a chance to save lives.’”

Pulp and Paper

  • Boise

    “A huge part of the appeal of the program is that the training is an investment in the people as individuals, not just as employees of the company.”

  • Canfor

    They are “exceptionally proud of the fact that they have gone from ‘the back of the pack’ to the position of ‘industry leaders’ in terms of safety performance.”

  • Georgia-Pacific

    “SafeStart was easy to understand, it promoted personal safe behavior and personal accountability for safety.”

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