SafeTrack blends a traditional observation-based approach with powerful insights and proactive conversations. It provides meaningful observations and effective feedback that reduces injuries and boosts personal safety awareness.


Better communication

SafeTrack bridges the gap between compliance, safe conditions, safe behaviors, ergonomics and worker health. It forges a strong line of communication between the front line, management and the safety department. Tie your entire safety program together to drive improvements and engage your workforce in regular safety communications to fight complacency.


Safer actions

Positive reinforcement and direct dialogue are two powerful ways to increase safe actions. SafeTrack provides a common language and communication skills to facilitate conversations that work. Get a stronger safety culture and more functional interventions, one discussion at a time.


Stronger SafeStart

SafeStart Now teaches people how to keep themselves safe. SafeTrack teaches people how to keep others from being hurt. The two programs work together seamlessly to establish a dynamic framework for safer workplaces. Get the most from each program by pairing them in your safety management system.


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