Discover new perspectives to pressing safety problems and improve your approach to human error.

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An expert look at employee engagement

On-demand webinar

An Expert Look at Employee Engagement and Safety

Without employee engagement, even compliance can be hard to achieve. This webinar, with insight from experts, was created to help busy professionals find the right approach to increase engagement in safety. The accompanying resources aim to help you apply this new knowledge and continue learning about the subject.

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On-demand webinar

Dead Tired: What Every Company Must Know About Fatigue

Fatigue is one of the most significant issues that companies face in every industry, as it affects safety, quality and productivity. Workers aren’t just tired—they’re dangerously impaired. This presentation will help you develop a plan to manage fatigue both corporately and individually.

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On-demand webinar

Humor in Safety

Safety presentations can be yawn-inducing torture—but they don’t have to be. Humor in Safety helps you make safety training more effective with practical tips on the importance of storytelling, how to be more relatable and reframing the training topic to make it more engaging.

A worker who slipped

On-demand webinar

Slips, Trips and Falls: Balancing Human and Physical Causes

Are you overlooking hidden risk factors of slips, trips and falls? Do you know how to reduce inattention blindness? This presentation covers most common elements missing from the majority of slip, trip and fall prevention efforts—and lets you know what you can do to keep workers on their feet.

A distracted driver

On-demand webinar

Life in the Fast Lane: Distractions Behind the Wheel

Traditional prevention programs focus on the act of distracted driving but ignore the factors that cause distraction. Understand what leads to distraction and start helping employees avoid distraction behind the wheel. Plus, get a free copy of the Driving Distraction Away guide.

Hands-on safety training

On-demand webinar

All Hands on Deck: The Value of Hands-on Safety Training

Safety trainers can get better engagement and knowledge retention by changing how training is delivered—often multiple training methods are required to be successful. This presentation will teach you which training formats are most effective, and tactics to deal with common challenges in safety training.

Inconvenient Truth of Workplace Safety

On-demand webinar

Inconvenient Truth of Workplace Safety

Billions of dollars are invested in workplace safety—but a relatively small percentage of injuries actually occur at work. Learn why more businesses don't invest in 24/7 safety, how to reduce off-the-job injuries, and understand the link between personal awareness and work performance.

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On-demand webinar

Safety Culture and Organizational Change

Discover the five critical components of change, what can and will go wrong, and how to save a new safety initiative when you “screw it up”. This is a must-watch for anyone working to change their safety systems. Learn to create an environment that supports change in safety today!

Live webinar

Introduction to SafeStart

You've developed safe, OSHA-compliant conditions and procedures but you're still plagued with common injuries and require a playbook to keep your TRI rate going in the right direction.

You know you need to do something to address human factors—learn more about our approach to getting over common safety hurdles to complement your safe conditions with safe behaviors.

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