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About us

SafeStart was developed, and is still owned by Electrolab Training Systems, located in Belleville, Ontario, Canada.  Electrolab was founded by Mr. Norm Wilson in 1975 to serve the technical training needs of Canadian industry and educational institutions.  Now owned by Norm’s three children, Barb Tait, Don Wilson and Larry Wilson, Electrolab is proud to be a global leader in workplace safety.

Our passion is safety.  With the assistance of our employees, and a team of outstanding consultants, we are helping clients achieve world-class safety performance.  While that’s significant to the bottom line of our clients, it’s also important to the thousands of workers going home safely every day.  And because of the 24/7 skills that workers and their families develop with SafeStart, it’s also thousands of workers returning to work safely every day.

Our motivation is simple: what we do is important; too important to stop growing or to stop improving.  We are honored to share this motivation with the safety professionals we serve.

You can find detailed information about SafeStart products, services, global distributors and results on this website or by contacting us directly.  We look forward to working with you.

Electrolab Staff

Truly a family-run business, our staff members represent over 600 person-years of service at Electrolab. Even though we take what we do very seriously, in this fast-paced growing international business, we always take time for each other and enjoy a little fun.