Larry Wilson

Author/Founder of SafeStart

Larry Wilson

Larry Wilson was a behavior-based safety consultant when he determined the need for a program that went beyond the limitations of BBS. This program was SafeStart, which he developed and officially launched it in 1998.

In addition to an extensive range of SafeStart and SafeTrack learning materials, Larry has authored numerous articles as well as co-authoring the book Inside Out: Rethinking Traditional Safety Management Paradigms.

He is also a masterfully skilled and influential speaker in the safety industry—a subject matter expert with a very polished delivery. He’s proven this with over 25 years of speaking experience at health and safety conferences, international events in three continents, and annual sessions at national ASSP, NSC and VPPPA conferences.


SafeConnection Expert Panel

SafeConnection Expert Panel

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Paradigm Shifts

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Current Speaking Topics

Using Neuroscience to Achieve Safe Human Performance
Neuroscience is expanding or understanding how our brains actually work. It is discovering that most of what people do is not determined by our logical and rational cognitive processing, but from much deeper within the brain. An understanding of how this deeper cognitive processing works explains how and why people go on “autopilot” for a lot of the things they do. The research also explains how our emotions hi-jack our attention and allow us to do things which in hindsight, look like a dumb decision. Unless we address this aspect of neuroscience, achieving zero injuries will be very difficult, if not impossible.

Improving Human Performance and Safety and the Neuroscience Behind Human Factors
Improving human performance consists of two things: making the performance better (enhanced) and reducing unforced errors. Four human factors cause the majority of quality errors and production errors. However, if people or things are moving then they can also cause eyes not on task, line-of-fire and balance, traction or grip errors, which are involved in over 95 percent of acute injuries. In this session, participants will learn proven techniques and the neuroscience behind them that will prevent performance errors and improve concentration resulting in enhanced performance.

Defenseless Moments
Although recordable injuries have come down, serious injuries and fatalities have not. Is the reason because the traditional methods of risk assessment do not include human factors and critical errors? What if two critical errors are made at the same time and people don’t get the benefit of their reflexes–how much does that change risk? Participants at this session will get a new and different perspective on serious injury causation, and more importantly, they will learn what they and their workforce can do to prevent serious injuries and fatalities from happening in the first place.

View Larry’s speaker video below for a brief overview of what to expect in his sessions. To book Larry for a conference, association or corporate speaking event, please contact us.


As one of our keynote speakers, Mr. Wilson’s presentation was energetic and thought provoking.

Jay Jamali, CSP, CHMM, CHCM
ASSP San Jose PDC Chair


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