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Tim Page-Bottorff Will Help You Get Your Message to Stick at the BLR Safety Culture Conference

Safety Culture 2017

Senior Safety Consultant Tim Page-Bottorff has been invited to present at his second BLR event this year but this time he will share his safety and training expertise on the topic of safety culture and communication. SafeStart and BLR share a common goal to incorporate safe thinking into everyday life, which is why SafeStart is sponsoring BLR’s Safety Culture 2017 conference.

Tim will present Safety Culture Straight Talk: Strategic Communication Tools for Getting Your Message to Stick on September 11 at 1:35 p.m. He will share strategies and tips on how to involve company leaders in developing safety messages for a successful workplace culture. He will also provide tips for creating snappy and memorable safety messages and demonstrate how to tailor them for the intended audiences. This session will provide:

  • top 5 signs company executives’ messages aren’t aligned with your efforts to grow a strong safety culture;
  • ways to tailor your safety messages for the intended audience;
  • effective methods of communication delivery; and
  • methods to define common interest that sparks a connection to the training topic for participants.

In April, Tim presented Leapfrogging from Compliance to Culture at the 4th annual BLR Safety Summit. This session connected the dots between safety components and the organization and identified the common pitfalls in safety improvement.

Tim is an inspiring certified safety professional and certified environmental safety & health trainer who brings over 20 years of occupational health, safety and environmental experience to his presentations. Conference participants benefit from his enthusiasm and unique ability to immediately put his audience at ease through humor and personal life experiences.

Tim has also shown his expertise through published articles (in industry magazines and online) and webinars. In his article Humor in Safety (and his webinar with the same title), Tim demonstrates that adding a bit of humor to safety training not only makes teaching the classes more enjoyable but it allows the students to better retain the teaching points.

In his article All Hands on Deck (you can listen to his webinar on this topic too) Tim also speaks about getting better retention through multiple training methods, discusses the challenges of hands-on training and the disconnect between safety training opinions and practice. Tim’s article, The Habit of Safety, also addresses the questions of forming, changing and reinforcing key safety behaviors.  

He’s also offered expert advice to questions posed in Safety + Health magazine about Incident Investigation and Reporting.

Want the opportunity to see Tim in his element? Register for an upcoming 1-Day Discovery SafeStart workshop. These workshops change the way most people view major safety problems.

Safety Culture 2017 will be held on September 11-12 in Austin, TX. The event concentrates on buy-in, behavior and other keys to making safety stick, and it will showcase safety experts, like Tim. The agenda is designed to provide attendees with interactive workshops, networking opportunities, Q & A and unmeasurable development and learning opportunities for strengthening culture and providing strategies for success. If you’re attending, make sure you catch Tim’s session—he’ll inspire many conversations to come well after his session is over.