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Singing SafeStart’s Praises

Sometimes it takes going that extra mile to build a truly exceptional safety culture. We’re fortunate enough to see it all the time with our clients, Kydex bringing free safety lessons to local kids for example.

Extra effort and initiatives reinforce the common language and spirit of safety that’s at the heart of the SafeStart training program. And they’re great for building a positive workplace safety culture.

Today we’re sharing perhaps the most energetic example yet of a SafeStart client going above and beyond—and it’s definitely the only one that includes a trumpet and a PowerPoint with a lion.  It comes from a client in Brazil, but it’s worth watching even if you don’t speak Portuguese because the energy is absolutely infectious.

The song starts at 1:40 in the video below.


This is a testament to how SafeStart can not only change behaviors but also help change the entire culture of a company and get people excited about safety.

What will we see next? Well, it’s up to you, SafeStart clients. Send us your best and we’ll share it with the world.

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Using a Human Factors Framework for Safety and Operational Excellence

It can be hard to see the connection between safety, productivity, human factors and organizational systems. This webinar will demonstrate how a human factors framework can impact all areas of an organization, linking individual worker safety and organizational systems and provide an outline that allows leadership to manage safety-focused change.

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