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Dead Tired

What Every Company Must Know About Fatigue

37 min  

Epidemic is too trivial a term to describe the rampant problem of fatigue. Getting six hours of sleep or less triples your risk of causing an accident and 40% of people regularly fall into that category.

Every company, every person is experiencing elevated risk and degraded performance at an annual cost of $2,000 per worker from this growing crisis.

The scary part is the disconnect between real and perceived risk. Many think this is primarily a shift working problem or that getting more and better quality sleep will keep workers from being tired. Even scarier, we all think when we’re “just tired” that we can safely power through like the 60% of adults who knowingly drive drowsy each year—this complacency can make the term “dead tired” become deadly.

If fighting fatigue (and complacency) isn’t your company’s #1 priority it should be and it starts with the must-know research and insight found in this webinar, including:

  • the terrifying stats that demand urgent attention from company stakeholders
  • what are the numerous and often-overlooked factors affecting fatigue
  • how the complexities of solving it can be a safety manager’s worst nightmare
  • why fatigue can’t be eliminated, how it can arise unexpectedly and why it must be managed corporately, individually, efficiently and continuously 24/7
  • attendees will learn what they need to do to protect their workers from fatigue and will be given resources to help create urgency and understanding throughout their organization.
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