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Forging Safety Success as One of America’s Safest Companies

Scot Forge

When Scot Forge was given the America’s Safest Companies award in late 2014, it was the culmination of years of work spent improving safety. The company ships over 250 million pounds of forged material every year and in 2010 the company recognized that it needed a safety program that’s as tough as the metal they work with.

That’s when Scot Forge turned to SafeStart. Since then they’ve seen a dramatic transformation in safety performance, including their TIR dropping from 5.0 to 1.3—a 73% decrease. And the improvements don’t stop there:

  • Frequent observations. Scot Forge’s employee-owners now conduct almost 70 peer-to-peer observations a day.
  • Addressing human factors. Human factors are considered in everything they do—from maintenance work orders to toolbox talks and more.
  • Employee engagement. Every person at Scot Forge looks out for one another and feels a sense of personal responsibility for safety. As a result, 75% of Scot Forge’s production departments have been injury free for over a year.

What matters most in the end is employee safety, and since adopting SafeStart the company has seen a tremendous increase in injury-free months. This graph says it all:

Scot Forge injury-free months before/after chart, showing marked improvement after SafeStart

Learn more about Scot Forge’s amazing safety accomplishments by downloading the full case study.


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