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The Importance of SafeStart Champions

Mark MacLellan, Ana Victoria Briceno and Kelley Norris

Mark MacLellan and Kelley Norris of SafeStart with Ana Victoria Briceno of DuPont Sustainable Solutions at the conclusion of the inaugural SafeStart Users Forum in Santiago, Chile, April 2015

In April ENAP and DuPont Sustainable Solutions hosted the inaugural SafeStart Users Forum in Santiago, Chile. The forum saw 135 guests from more than 25 organizations gather to share SafeStart best practices and sustainability ideas.

The day consisted of presentations from SafeStart and DuPont subject matter experts in addition to a wide range of talks from companies who have implemented SafeStart as part of the safety management system. It was a gathering of some of SafeStart’s biggest champions in South America—people who help drive proactive safety cultures in the workplace.

But not all SafeStart Champions work as a safety manager or industry leader. Some, like Dupont’s Ana Victoria Briceno, work tirelessly to put on important events like the SafeStart Users Forum, which help safety professionals learn from each other’s experiences. Ana’s incredible efforts made the forum a success and her work has made a difference in the lives of thousands of employees across the continent.

Thanks to everyone who attended the event and a special note of thanks to Ana Victoria for her accomplishments and for being a valuable resource for all involved in the SafeStart Users Forum.

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