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Quantum Murray Begins SafeStart Rollout

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Quantum Murray has had a strong commitment to safety for more than 30 years—and they’re continuing to make safety a priority by rolling out SafeStart in 2015. Recently, the environmental and industrial service provider made the decision to integrate SafeStart into their safety management system to improve employee health, safety and well-being by helping workers develop stronger personal, 24/7 safety skills. Implementing SafeStart is another step in Quantum Murray’s efforts to achieve zero injuries.

Beginning this week, SafeStart training will be provided to all of their employees. The safety training will not only apply to the workplace, but will also discuss the importance of being safe outside of work, especially at home and on the road. Quantum Murray’s steering committee has done a great job with their upcoming launch of SafeStart, and employees will gain essential safety knowledge they can bring home to their families as well.

Quantum Murray’s scope of work includes demolition and site-decommissioning, environmental remediation, civil earthworks, hazardous material abatement, emergency response, waste management and facilities, and water treatment. With close to 1,000 employees across Canada, safety is a vital part of their business. Congratulations on your launch of SafeStart!

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