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Competence, Complacency and Fatal Injuries: The Counter-Intuitive Nature of SIFs

SafeConnection Competence, Complacency and SIFs

For the past two years, Larry Wilson has hosted expert panels on a range of safety topics. These engaging sessions cover everything from behavior change in safety to deep dives into the tension between production and safety. They’ve become can’t-miss viewing for health and safety professionals, and the next panel on the docket is coming up fast.

Larry Wilson’s upcoming expert panel is Competence, Complacency and SIFs on June 16, 2022, at 2pm EST. You can register for it here—and you’ll want to make sure you sign up because this session promises to be just as insightful as previous panels with a topic that lends itself to every audience.

As a seasoned veteran of the safety industry and a thought leader in human factors management, Larry is well-versed in how complacency and work experience intersect in surprising and often risk-altering ways.

This particular expert panel will discuss how experienced workers can lapse into autopilot, and how traditional approaches to safety mean that workers are ill-equipped to avoid SIFs that result from complacency. Larry and the panel will discuss several practical methodologies that can be applied by EHS folks to combat this issue.

The discussion is sure to be informative for safety professionals of all stripes. Attendees of previous expert panels have found the conversations to be helpful in understanding how to manage human factors in health and safety. That trend is sure to continue as the panelists discuss how the risk of serious injuries and fatalities can be exacerbated by human factors such as complacency.

Registration is free so sign up online for Competence, Complacency and SIFs on June 16, 2022, at 2pm EST.

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