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3-Day Evaluation and Certification Workshops


The primary objective of the 3-Day Workshops is to prepare and certify (or re-certify*) trainers to deliver the SafeStart program to employees within your company.

People evaluating SafeStart will also find value in attending the 3-Day Workshop so they are already certified if they decide to move forward with their SafeStart implementation.

SafeStart Workshop Details

Experience SafeStart as employees do—sharing stories, group exercises, presentations and workbook exercises.


The first two days of the 3-Day Workshops lay the foundation for the entire SafeStart process while building an understanding of the concepts and techniques, course mechanics and long-term success factors as well as provide you with hands-on experience delivering the program.

Following the feedback you will receive from our consultants on Day 2, you will be given additional opportunities to refine and practice your delivery of SafeStart on Day 3 with additional coaching and feedback from peers and our consultants.


  • Certified trainers can deliver all units, though we recommend our consultants conduct the initial employee overview sessions
  • Trainers receive in-depth preparation, feedback and coaching plus time to internalize and get comfortable with the training format and subject matter
  • Provides a solid understanding of the critical success factors (and potential pitfalls) and sustainability process
  • A cost-effective and convenient way to be certified (on-site sessions also available—contact us for details)
  • Provides a forum for learning from other companies, safety professionals and multiple SafeStart consultants
  • Certification provides you with 5 years* of program updates (presentation slides and videos) via download when you register on our website as a SafeStart trainer

Who Should Attend

Everyone who will be teaching SafeStart to employees within your company is required to complete this 3-Day Certification Workshop* or an equivalent 3-day on-site trainer certification.

People seeking a full evaluation will also find value in attending the full three days and will get the added benefit of being certified.

Depending on your professional designations, this workshop will most likely qualify for CEUs or Maintenance Points - see this page for details.


View/Download the 3-Day Agenda.