Continuing education and maintenance points

Continuing education units (CEUs), continuing education credits or maintenance points are used by safety professionals to maintain their designations or license. A CEU is most often defined as ten hours of participation in a relevant continuing education program.

Any organization may award a traditional CEU without requiring accreditation. Organizations that require designated members to complete CEUs to maintain their designation must decide on an individual basis whether to honor the CEU from a training provider. In other words, you must check with your governing body or employer whether participation in public, virtual or on-site SafeStart Trainer Certification workshops, our SafeLead training, the events we speak at or our SafeStart Forum qualifies for CEUs or maintenance points. In our experience, most related professional development opportunities like these will qualify.

You are responsible for keeping track of your activities and recertification points with supporting documentation. We recommend keeping a copy of the agenda, marked with the date and location of the workshop or event, along with the number of hours you invested in them. Participants at certification workshops should also submit a copy of their certificate.