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A Transformed Outlook on Safety

Our safety stories usually involve a close call (like the woman who was nearly rear-ended by a speeding van) or an injury that could have been worse.

But safety stories aren’t just about accidents or near misses. They also include our transformations in attitudes as we learn just how important safety truly is.

This story is passed on by Cheri Genereaux, one of our safety account managers for the Construction/Contractors industry:

I just got off the phone with Josh Tompkins from Mining Electrical Services. One of our consultants, Joe Tantarelli, presented a SafeStart overview for their employees this week. Josh informed me that one supervisor, Zach, is 6’6″, 300 lbs and “bulletproof.” Zach is definitely more production driven and could care less about safety. Josh felt that the only employee who would not buy into SafeStart was Zach.

Well, when it came time to discuss the Steering Committee and designate members, Zach was the first one to volunteer. He said that Joe, Josh and SafeStart have completely changed his thought process. Zach is excited to lead his team towards a better safety culture and truly understands walking the talk.

Congratulations to Zack on embracing his new safety-positive outlook, and to Josh and everyone else at Mining Electrical Services for successfully implementing SafeStart—it sounds like they’ve got a safety culture to be proud of.

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