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Western Area Power Administration Reduces Recordable Injuries

Western Area Power Administration has used SafeStart in its safety effortsThere’s no question that companies in the power generation industry require a strong safety program, given how much hazardous energy workers could potentially come into contact with every day.

Here’s an article about Western Area Power Administration’s use of SafeStart in its safety efforts.

It notes that “since the implementation of the program, Western has reduced the total recordable cases from 32 in 2006 to 19 in 2011—a significant decrease considering we have more than 1,300 employees working more than 2.6 million hours in the field.”

You can learn more about Western Area Power Administration’s use of SafeStart in the article.

We also have an online brochure that contains over 100 pages of testimonials, success stories and achievements in implementing SafeStart, including examples of other companies in the energy sector integrating SafeStart into their existing safety programs.

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