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SafeStart Success in Schools

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For the past two years, Fort McMurray Catholic high schools have been implementing the SafeStart program in both the classrooms and within their athletic programs. Tim Kilburn has been one of the driving forces behind getting SafeStart into schools in the Fort McMurray Catholic School District.

“We have been gradually certifying our teachers to deliver the SafeStart instruction with great success and support,” says Tim. “I personally believe that SafeStart goes far beyond any other safety training program that we’ve been involved with, primarily due to its foundations on developing safety behaviours into everyday thoughts and actions.”

Tim, a Technology Consultant with the school board, has been instrumental in the success of the program. He’s overheard the students using SafeStart terminology while telling stories, and students are constantly reminding teachers about states and errors and offering solutions on how to prevent incidents from happening.

Before becoming a consultant for the Catholic School Board, Tim was a teacher within the Fort McMurray Catholic Schools for 22 years. He has been a SafeStart Certified Master Trainer for over two years. We can’t thank Tim enough for his dedication and hard work in getting SafeStart into the schools—way to go Tim!

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