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A new book that’s turning safety “Inside Out”

A new safety book, Inside Out: Rethinking Traditional Safety Management Paradigms, has been released and is now available for ordering.

Authored by Larry Wilson and Gary A. Higbee, eMBA, CSP, the book illustrates the concepts and techniques needed to achieve world-class safety performance on and off the job. Readers are given step-by-step instructions on how to apply these concepts and techniques to enhance near-miss reporting, accident/incident investigation, job safety analysis, compliance training and behavior-based safety processes.

Larry Wilson Gary Higbee - Inside Out Book

It also provides an understanding of how these concepts and techniques formed the development of the SafeStart® program, making this of particular interest to SafeStart clients and trainers.

You can view the press release or continue to for details and sample chapters.

Attendees at our fall 2-Day and 3-Day Workshops will receive a complimentary copy of the book at the event.

Also check out Kevin Cobb’s book, Quit Feeding the Monsters, and others on our recommended reading list.

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Using a Human Factors Framework for Safety and Operational Excellence

It can be hard to see the connection between safety, productivity, human factors and organizational systems. This webinar will demonstrate how a human factors framework can impact all areas of an organization, linking individual worker safety and organizational systems and provide an outline that allows leadership to manage safety-focused change.

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