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Safety 24/7, SafeStart and Larry Wilson in USA Today

Media Planet, a global leader in themed media, has published a special report on Safety & Security in today’s USA Today in several markets across the USA and will be supported on several online sites including parenting blogs and websites like

It focuses on safety 24/7 and features Mayor Cory Booker, Janet Froetscher, President & CEO of the National Safety Council, Larry Wilson and an ad for SafeStart that encourages parents to teach their kids the SafeStart concepts they learn at work.

We are excited and thankful that the NSC, Media Planet and others see the importance of safety 24/7 and share our passion for keeping people safe at work, at home and on the road.

We encourage you to print or share this PDF of the publication with others to further raise awareness of safety in your network of colleagues, friends and family.

SafeStart USA Today

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