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High Liner Foods Discovers Zero Accidents Is Possible

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There’s no doubt that safety is important—companies invest in safety training to see improvements in injury rates and the well-being of their employees. Safety training can also increase productivity, improve morale and decrease downtime, all of which reduce costs to the company.

But most safety training isn’t a “one and done” process. Even though you may legally only be required to take a training course once, refresher training and updates are critical to protecting workers.

…[A]nyone with a good safety program knows that there’s always room for improvement. Each year, the High Liner EHS department develops a training plan for the coming year looking at current performance vs. targets to ensure the future programs address the gaps identified through this analysis. In the past, this approach uncovered a need to implement a program that focused on human factors.

It had to work in conjunction with their existing safety program and meet three key areas of safety: on-the-job safety, off-the-job safety and driving safety. High Liner also wanted to make zero accidents a reality and knew that they needed something more than a standard safety program to achieve that.

The above excerpt is from SafeStart’s  latest case study featuring High Liner Foods. They already had a great safety program in place but there were certain areas they wanted to address that their existing safety system didn’t reach. SafeStart was the only program among the ones they considered that addressed the three key areas of safety—on-the-job safety, off-the-job safety and driving safety—they were looking for with proven results.

Two years after implementing SafeStart, High Liner Foods had a 70% reduction in recordables. They also saw improvements in various areas within the company, including improving their safety culture, and noted that the standards and expectations for safety performance increased significantly after SafeStart.

Read more about how High Liner Foods turned their already good safety program into a great one with SafeStart by viewing the complete case study here.