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Best Safety Articles of 2017


Every year we publish informative and engaging articles in leading safety magazines. This past year was no different: our experts provided insight on topics from making safety improvements to re-examining how to think about risk. Here are four of our most popular articles from 2017.


Pareto Principle

This year we learned that the 80/20 rule can—and should—be applied to safety. As Tim Page-Bottorff explained, overworked safety professionals need to spend less time on more effective solutions.

This article is notable for a few reasons. First, it is written by someone who gets it. As a CSP with a great deal of experience, Tim understands just how long the average EHS manager’s to-do list is. He’s sympathetic to the demands placed on many safety folks. Second, he’s seen firsthand how some solutions can have a much wider impact than others.


Workplace Solutions: Dynamic Risk

The risk of injury is in constant flux. It’s incumbent upon safety managers to account for risk’s ebb and flow, says Safety Consultant Warren Picken. In this article, he makes the case for why more attention needs to be paid to the dynamic nature of risk. He also notes several techniques to take a more flexible approach to risk management.


Building Support for Safety

Safety has company-wide benefits that extend well beyond injury reductions. However, an organizational consensus is required to truly receive the financial and operational improvements that can occur with the right safety training. In this article, Ray Prest argues that safety leaders need to bring the entire management team to the table—and he provides suggestions on how to do so.


Toolbox Guide

At the beginning of the year, we also released a guide on improving toolbox talks. It’s not an article per se (though a version of it did appear in the pages of Coatings Pro Magazine) but it’s still a great in-depth read for anyone who is looking to improve their toolbox talks.  The guide provides a range of advice, from how to get better at delivering talks to diversifying the topics you cover. It’s also written in a skimmable, easy-to-digest format.