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Crane Army Ammunition activity leverages SafeStart in their journey to VPP star status

Crane Army Ammunition Activity (CAAA) noted that over 80% of their incidents were related to human error and they were looking for programs that might reduce the number of incidents.

CAAA evaluated a number of Behavior Based Safety programs in addition to SafeStart. After careful consideration, SafeStart was chosen because the patterns of States to Errors targeted by the program directly related to the kinds of human error that Crane was experiencing with their incident trends. SafeStart was also appealing because of its simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and the positive safety message the program communicated to the workforce.

SafeStart, along with CAAA’s many other initiatives, has produced many positive results, not the least of which is Crane’s recognition as a VPP Star Site.

Read the CAAA case study for full details.

Also, view the SafeStart brochure for the Military and Defense Community or contact our defense/military account manager in our head office.

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