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6 Resources to Focus on to Fight Distraction

Commercial kitchen distraction hazard. A chef carrying a pot of boiling water and a coworker on his phone.

When people think about the dangers of distraction, the first thing that tends to come to mind is distracted driving. And although distraction is involved in a huge number of fatalities on the road, it’s not a problem that only occurs when someone’s behind the wheel. Distraction is a universal problem that makes workers more likely to get injured regardless of where they are and what they’re doing. 

According to Danny Smith in Distracted to Death, an article about the dangers of distraction,distractions are prevalent in most areas of our lives. So it’s not really a question of if we get distracted, it’s a question of when.” 

We’ve compiled a list of most useful and educational resources on the subject to help organizations and their employees learn more about distractions and how they can address the problem. 

Focus on Distraction to Improve Safety Outcomes—This webinar is less than 15 minutes long and it’s filled with useful information and actionable advice based on in-depth research. 

Driving Distraction Away—A guide focused on distracted driving, but it delves deep into the sources and causes of distraction in general, offering helpful tips to organizations that are faced with distraction-related challenges in any operational area.

Distracted to Death—An article that looks at the statistics and the most relevant research on the subject. It outlines the four types of distractions and the way people are affected by them. 

SafeTalk with SafeStart—A podcast episode that discusses the problem of distraction in safety.

Top 10 Causes of Distracted Driving and What They All Have in Common—A blog post outlining the main causes of distraction based on statistics, which demonstrate that not all distractions are created equal. 

11 Distracted Driving Awareness Commercials and PSAs—A list of useful, funny, insightful and moving commercials and PSAs that can be used in the workplace or among friends and family. 

These resources can help safety professionals educate their workplace about the challenges of distraction—and learn how they can take steps to reduce overall levels of distraction in the workplace, at home, and on the road.

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Focus on Distraction to Improve Safety Outcomes

Distraction is the underlying cause of most incidents. Learn how human factors training can help manage the states of mind that contribute to distraction and help prevent any related incidents in this short webinar.

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