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When It Comes to Inspiring Safety Changes, Be Like Larry

Larry Wilson

Safety thought-leader, Larry Wilson, is gaining a massive amount of positive international attention as he’s being syndicated in multiple publications around the world. Well-known as the author of SafeStart, he’s recently been spreading the word about his paradigm shift series of articles and is changing the way people view safety regardless of their culture, language or industry. With 12 articles, Larry is honing in on the universal problem of human error. 

A paradigm is an unwritten rule that directs actions. A paradigm shift is a change in approach that adjusts the course of your actions. This is common in safety—compliance often dictates unwritten rules. But factors like human error requires a paradigm shift to redirect the way you handle safety matters since the human element is often not sufficiently considered. 

Larry’s Paradigm Shift series addresses risk assessment, unexpected events, safety judgment and skill development, neuroscience, the complacency continuum, deliberate risk and how to handle these issues with a focus on human factors.

The recent pandemic has forced an adjustment to many people’s course of actions. After having multiple conversations with people in the industry, Larry thought these conversations would better serve a wider audience. He brought together a number of well-respected people in the industry and formed the SafeConnection Expert Panel – A discussion on the new era of workplace safety

Essentially, he had a series of real discussions about how COVID-19 is affecting global businesses—on both organizational and personal levels. The series covers a number of things, including a quicker than anticipated return to work, remote worker training and distance learning, sustaining new habits and post-pandemic practices, among others.

As a leading voice in the EH&S world, Larry has been changing the way people view safety for over two decades. In fact, he was a behavior-based consultant when he determined that safety professionals needed an advanced safety awareness training program that went beyond the limitations of BBS.

Want to learn more about the Paradigm Shift series? Check the articles titled, Rethinking Traditional Safety, in ISHN Magazine in North America. Larry’s also featured in publications around the world like Revista Más Seguridad (Mexico), Industrial Safety Review (India), Torque Magazine (UK), Revista Seguridad (Chile), Revista CIPA (Brazil), Safety Work (Columbia) and Manufacturing Matters Ireland.

Larry has also published the book, Defenseless Moments, based on these 12 paradigm shift articles to provide a different perspective on serious injuries. The book is a great read for those that want to have these great safety topics on hand in one publication, and it’s an excellent companion to his previous book, Inside Out: Rethinking Traditional Safety Management Paradigms.

Hear from Larry directly in his exclusive interview with Industrial Safety Review (India):

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