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Take the Guesswork Out of Safety

Changing a process to implement change

At SafeStart, we’ve worked with thousands of clients. While the companies and industries vary greatly, the one thing we’ve noticed is that the list of safety problems they experience is typically the same across the board. This includes issues like employee engagement, repeated injuries and a troubled safety culture. Another common problem that impacts safety is employees taking shortcuts. 

While shortcuts typically don’t end well when it comes to safety, one shortcut that could benefit your safety journey is being given a list of recurrent success strategies that have been realized by our clients. Our free guide, 5 Repeatable Patterns for Safety Success, was designed to eliminate trial and error by detailing the success we’ve seen time and time again. 

Often companies hit a snag due to their own rigid approach to safety. Or they may be experiencing Not Invented Here Syndrome—a tendency to avoid ideas that originated outside the company. This often comes down to trust. Since SafeStart is in the business of making people safer, companies should read our clients’ accounts for how they achieved success (and it’s not just about implementing SafeStart). Because when it comes to safety, you don’t want to gamble with the lives of your employees. 

Similar success can be found by repeating the success patterns outlined in the guide. A pattern is something that serves as a model for the way in which something is done. It is also something that generates value when it’s repeated. The companies that want to test uncharted waters may find that they could be starting their own pattern of repeating the same ineffective strategies. Especially when it comes to safety where budgets aren’t limitless. Download our guide for free and be informed on how to best implement your next safety initiative.

Guide to Safety Patterns

5 Repeatable Patterns for Safety Success

SafeStart has worked with tens of thousands of safety professionals over the last three decades and this guide summarizes the common problems they all have and what you can do to ensure you have success in safety.

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