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The Sound of Safety

You might not hear about noise damage as often  as many other workplace hazards but its effects can be permanent. Regular exposure to high-decibel sounds can deteriorate one’s ability to hear and can drastically reduce quality of life.

NIOSH has recently released an infographic on safe noise thresholds to help employers and safety professionals navigate the workplace’s auditory landscape.

NIOSH Recommended Exposure limit, 85 Decibels

A noise audit can determine the decibel level of common activities at your facility and provide you with more information like who requires hearing protection, and what type of noise-reducing equipment may be required.

As the infographic points out, simple at-home tasks could exceed the recommended exposure limits. Even the most basic home renovations that use a drill or other power tools could require hearing protection.

Help your workers avoid damaging their hearing at home as well as at work. This free PPE compliance guide explains the importance of addressing off-the-job protective equipment use to improve compliance with PPE rules at work.

PPE Compliance Guide

Improve PPE Usage

A person’s state of mind influences PPE compliance. Learn to manage the human factors that stop employees from wearing it.

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