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Safety 2018 Finds New Way to Celebrate Safety

Safety Saves Quilt highlights the safety successes that are often invisible

In the safety profession, success is usually quantified by TRI numbers or by the number of days without a lost-time injury. At SafeStart, success is measured by the lives saved as a result of safety training. While an exact number of lives saved cannot be exactly determined, industry benchmarks allow us to estimate the number of fatalities that are prevented as a result of our training.

Barb Tait, SafeStart CEO and co-owner boasts, “…we started a celebration quilt to celebrate the lives we’ve saved. It’s been fun and rewarding to share the stories and see the faces of the people we’ve helped to protect. So when ASSP leadership came to visit, we were proud to show it to them. Together with the ASSP, we want all members of the safety profession to feel proud of their accomplishments.”

This year, attendees at Safety 2018 will have a chance to celebrate their achievements and recognize the true impact their jobs have on the lives of others with the Safety Saves Celebration Quilt. Sponsored and inspired by SafeStart, this initiative celebrates the lives saved and injuries prevented thanks to the tireless efforts of health and safety professionals.

Everyone will be given a chance to add a patch to the Safety Saves Celebration Quilt in the Park View foyer. Each patch will represent a life saved, an injury prevented, a safety accomplishment, a “thank you” for a job well done, or a proud moment on the job. The quilt aims to help all safety professionals feel the impact of their work, take pride in what they do and inspire the next generation to continue this important work.

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