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Official Release of SafeStart Third Edition

January 2012 marks the official release of SafeStart Third Edition, the second major update to the most successful personal safety training program in the world.

You will find several enhancements for both employees and facilitators, including the all-new, reality-based videos, which in pre-release late last year, received a platinum award for safety video production in the international AVA competition.

Read the news release for details and watch the first part of the new Unit 1 video online now.

We encourage you to fully evaluate and/or get certified to deliver Third Edition at one of our 2012 workshops.

Current SafeStart clients should discuss with their account manager an update path to third edition and the other recent developments, like our
Communication Kit, leadership and steering committee services and resources that help you build SafeStart into a sustainable process within your overall safety management system.

Learn about SafeStart by viewing the new 10-minute video above. It is the first part of the actual Unit 1 video that employees will watch during their training and it provides a good overview of the program.

If you have questions, please contact your SafeStart account manager.