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New EAU Videos Now Available for Download

The SafeStart Extended Application Units (EAUs) have been updated to reflect the award-winning enhancements that were made to the core units of SafeStart Third Edition late last year.

EAU Slide
Sample Slide from EAU 1 – Using CERT to Prevent Sprains and Strains

The new EAUs include all-new, reality-based videos, updated PowerPoint® slides and the new SafeStart Story cards. Combined, these additions help facilitate the sharing of personal injury stories and close calls, increase active participation and improve retention. They will also help the facilitator deliver these more advanced topics.

The first 3 of 6 EAUs are available for download from to certified SafeStart trainers with the remaining units to be updated later this year. Simply indicate you are a trainer when you register on the website, and once verified, you will be given access to the trainer materials on the Client Download page.

If you wish to review our EAU materials (including the new videos, workbooks and PowerPoints), contact your account manager.

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