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Inside Out Available on iTunes

Inside Out, which has already been released as an ebook on several different platforms, is now available from iTunes.

This means you have more choice than ever to read this game-changing text on why you need to transform your safety culture to truly keep your employees safe—and how you can do it.

After years of examining workplace incidents across North America, Larry Wilson discovered a common pattern in almost every injury. In conversation with safety expert Gary A. Higbee, Inside Out documents Larry’s journey as he developed a transformative safety system to help even high-performing companies reduce injuries and improve productivity.

One reader on Amazon said:

I would have liked to have been in on that conversation. Best paradigm changing advice I’ve ever read. Reading along gave me the feeling I was overhearing a great conversation between two experts in the field of Safety Culture.

You can order a paperback copy of Inside Out or buy it as an ebook from Kobo, iTunes or Amazon.

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Using a Human Factors Framework for Safety and Operational Excellence

It can be hard to see the connection between safety, productivity, human factors and organizational systems. This webinar will demonstrate how a human factors framework can impact all areas of an organization, linking individual worker safety and organizational systems and provide an outline that allows leadership to manage safety-focused change.

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