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Good Safety Practices Now Easier to Attain

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Safety success is often tied to injury rate—partly because it’s easy to measure if you’re doing well or not. But what about the injuries that were prevented because of good safety practices? It’s impossible to put a number on the injuries prevented because of good safety practices if there’s nothing to alert you every time a potential injury could have been possible in different circumstances. But those with good safety practices will tell you, if injuries aren’t a problem, they’re focused on fixing something else.

At SafeStart, we have worked with thousands of safety professionals over the last 20 years. One thing we’ve noted is that regardless of industry, companies all have the same safety problems—repeated injuries, missing their TRI goal, safety culture needs improvement, and neither management nor employees are engaged in safety. We’ve compiled a list of those problems and how our clients overcame them in our guide, 5 Repeatable Patterns for Safety Success.

Like our clients, we are constantly improving. The latest installment of the SafeStart process is called SafeStart Now.

“With SafeStart Now, we’ve built on our foundation and made it more efficient and effective. By refining the content, re-engineering the instructional design and providing additional implementation support, we have modernized a proven process for the future of safety training,” explains Barb Tait, CEO of SafeStart.

SafeStart Now is more flexible in terms of implementation—virtual, eLearning and on-site options mean that training can be accommodated regardless of location, schedules or working conditions, completely embodying SafeStart’s 24/7 safety mindset (it doesn’t fit into a set box). 

SafeStart Now delivers more safety with less disruption. The new training structure reduces class time and increases impact through advanced adult learning techniques and more real-time practice activities. As always, SafeStart is applicable at any level of a company by addressing human factors 24/7 and engaging people in a positive culture of safety. It still connects safety with operations through shared human experience and a common framework but with new materials and better ways of remembering key concepts. 

Focus should be shifted to the injuries that are prevented because of good safety practices—at SafeStart, we measure success by the lives saved as a result of safety training.

Industry benchmarks give us an estimate of how many fatalities are prevented as a result of our training. This includes lost time for injuries that occurred off the job since we focus on safety 24/7. SafeStart Now can help companies hit all of their safety targets.

Guide to Safety Patterns

5 Repeatable Patterns for Safety Success

SafeStart has worked with tens of thousands of safety professionals over the last three decades and this guide summarizes the common problems they all have and what you can do to ensure you have success in safety.

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