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Georgia-Pacific CEO cites SafeStart as part of their success

In the February 2012 issue of Safety & Health magazine, the National Safety Council (NSC) honors “CEOs Who ‘Get It’” and discusses their strategies for safety success. Georgia-Pacific CEO, Jim Hannan, stresses the importance of off-the-job safety and how they use SafeStart to fill this important role and keep their employees safe at work, at home and on the road.

CEO of Georgia Pacific

The NSC asked Jim, “How important is off-the-job safety to your company’s overall safety program? What type of off-the-job safety program does your company offer to employees?”

Jim responded, “If safety is a shared value, then it should be important whether you are on the job or not. Practically, this means we incorporate education about risks away from work into our safety programs. As an example, in many of our facilities, employees voluntarily participate in SafeStart programs to focus on safe conditions at work, home and the road.”

The full article, “CEOs Who ‘Get It’,” is available on the NSC website.

A case study is available to explain how Georgia-Pacific has had success with SafeStart.

If you would like to discuss Georgia-Pacific’s experience with SafeStart in more detail, contact our pulp and paper account manager in our head office.

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