Winter Holiday Safety

Winter Holiday Safety

Winter holidays are a mix of excitement, frustration, rushing and almost constant fatigue. When this is added to the usual workload (or even extra workload since some workplaces get busier over the holidays), it’s a recipe for disaster.

Every winter sees a rise in injuries and fatalities caused by decorating, fires, car accidents, shoveling and lifting suitcases among others.

Be prepared this holiday season, download the materials available below and make sure that your employees and their loved ones welcome the new year safe and healthy. Because caring about workers’ 24/7 safety is not about trying to control their lives. It’s about providing them with the tools and the information they need to stay safe wherever they are: at work, at home, or on the road.

And when you show your employees that you’re genuinely involved in their safety, their engagement goes up and they’ll care more about safety at work—helping to prevent injuries outside of work, helps prevent injuries at work.

Your free resources and how to use them

This short video describes all the resources on this page and explains how to use them to best
protect your employees and their families from the season’s hazards.

Holiday safety resources

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