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Safety Spillover

The Science of Workplace Attitude

15 min  

Workplace attitudes and even behaviors are affected by the spillover and crossover effects—that’s when employees carry with them whatever they experience and then pass it on to others. These effects are significant and influence workplace operations, culture, productivity, loyalty, the bottom line, workers’ family lives and vice versa.

It’s helpful for everyone to understand this emotional epidemic that’s spreading among the people they interact with on a daily basis. But it’s especially important for supervisors and leaders to understand the impact they have on their team and all of the factors influencing their workers’ emotions and actions.

This webinar was designed to explain what spillover and crossover are and how to address their impact. The webinar discusses:

  • the phenomenon of spillover and crossover effects;
  • the impact that spillover and crossover have on employees and their safety;
  • what companies can do to avoid negative spillover and crossover; and
  • how to harness them for safety and improved culture.
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