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Humor In Safety

50 min   Presented by Tim Page-Bottorff

Safety training is something that most people dread. But safety training doesn’t have to be dreadful. Group discussions are a great way to keep the audience engaged. Providing ways to engage them in the training session and get them talking (and laughing) is a great place to start.

Humor in Safety will give techniques to safety professionals to make their training more engaging. This presentation will:

  • explain the importance of storytelling;
  • show how to humanize yourself;
  • demonstrate how to relate a common interest to the training topic;
  • discuss when and where humor is appropriate.

We all know that safety is a serious topic, but you can learn how to make safety training interesting and even fun!

You just may find that by adding a bit of humor to your sessions, you will enjoy teaching the classes more than ever before and your students will remember the teaching points.

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Note: Attendees will also receive a copy of Tim’s article on this topic following the webinar.

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