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An Expert Look at Employee Engagement and Safety

37 min  

Lack of engagement is one of the top safety challenges in the workplace, with disengaged employees five times more likely to have a safety incident.

Unfortunately, this problem is sometimes hard to represent numerically. What’s more, people’s understanding of what engagement is and how to achieve it can vary. As a result, the problem remains unsolved in many workplaces.

This webinar was born out of the need for organizations to understand what engagement is and how to get it. It is the result of in-depth research and interviews with experts: Kevin Kruse, Dr. Paul Marciano, Scott Mautz and Don Wilson.

The webinar discusses:

  • why engagement matters;
  • how it impacts the bottom line;
  • how much it improves overall employee safety;
  • what not to do and how to avoid creating a disengaged workforce; and
  • the most important steps towards reaching engagement in safety and otherwise.

Attendees will learn what they and their organizations need to do to inspire engagement. Additional resources are also available to help them apply this new information and continue expanding their knowledge on the subject.

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