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Solving slips, trips and falls once and for all

How many times do you remind people about housekeeping? How many times do you think, “If they’d just pay more attention...” Signs go unnoticed and housekeeping is forgotten because people are in a rush and complacent with hazards—they get distracted, make mistakes, sidestep habits.
Many companies have taken steps to tackle the major physical causes of slips, trips and falls in the workplace, but human factors persist as the biggest cause of these incidents and often remain unaddressed. 
This guide will review the main causes of slips, trips and falls and outline what you can do to handle them on the physical level (e.g., wet floors) and on the behavioral level (e.g., distraction) because physical causes and human factors are both crucially important. 
It will also outline what you can do to reduce slip, trip and fall injuries by addressing both physical causes and human factors, including how to recalibrate employees’ perception of risk, how to build better habits, and how human factors training can help you prevent slip, trip and fall incidents in the future.