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SafeStart Awards Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't safety awards promote injury hiding?
It is important that any award program be based on the behavior and knowledge that you want your employees to demonstrate. That is why the SafeStart Awards program requires employees and their family members to complete quizzes that actually test their retention of the material presented in the Taking SafeStart Home DVD and the SafeStart course. While these True/False quizzes are not difficult, they do require that the participant paid attention, and retained some of the key points.

The program does not give awards for “safety performance”, and therefore does not risk promoting injury hiding, or the other negative consequences often associated with safety incentives.

Our safety department is already overwhelmed—how will we manage this extra paperwork?
The SafeStart Awards program has been designed so that the client has no responsibilities for processing forms or distributing awards. When the individual participates, all of their interaction is with us through the Awards hotline and website, and their award is shipped directly to their home. If they have any problems, there is a toll free number they can call for customer service. In fact, the client doesn't even have access to who is participating in the program or winning awards, unless specifically requested.

If one of your employees is selected as a Grand Prize winner, we will contact you before contacting the winner to ensure he/she is a current employee and allow you to arrange some publicity if you want to.

What if my employees don't have computers or access to the internet?
The quizzes in the Awards program are based on the content in the 5 unit course (workbooks or online) and the Taking SafeStart Home DVD, so if the employees share their workbooks with their family they can participate fully.

What if our company policies prohibit contests and prizes being given to employees?
You can choose to remove the Awards brochures from the participant kits and related PowerPoint slides before delivering the SafeStart sessions.

What are the chances that some of our employees will win?
The odds depend entirely on the number of employees participating across North America at any given time. However, with the number of instant prizes we offer it is very likely that at least some of your employees will win if they participate.  If you want to ensure that your employees are winners you can upgrade your Awards Program. Contact your account manager for details.