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A Workplace Safety Contest That Has Nothing to Do With Work

SafeStart's off-the-job contest form was created by its safety committee

One of the reasons SafeStart training focuses on the importance of 24/7 safety thinking is because three times more injuries and 15 times more deaths due to unintentional incidents occur off-the-job than in the workplace. That’s why the safety committee for Electrolab Training Systems, the company that makes SafeStart, recently created a contest for staff to deal specifically with hazards at home.

Using the form pictured above, employees were asked to list activities that they perform at home, identify the risks involved in those activities and outline the habits that they can work on to make themselves safer. To entice their staff to participate in this program, all submissions were entered into a draw to receive a home-improvement gift card at the end of the month

Positive communications and thinking about hazards at work, at home and on the road can go a long way to keeping employees safe. This is just one of many ways to engage workers, and SafeStart clients like Solvay and John Deere have also come up with many innovative ways to engage their staff about hazard awareness and SafeStart concepts through games, videos and similar contests.