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Why You’re Still Struggling with Slip, Trip and Fall Incidents

Slips, trips and falls are a leading source of injury

Slips, trips and falls are a common problem in the workplace. In fact, they’re the second-leading cause of workplace injury according to the NSC Injury Facts – and they have been for quite a while.

Even though most safety programs outline clear measures to prevent these types of incidents, workers still end up getting injured by a slip, trip or fall at a shockingly high—and consistent—rate.

So why do safety professionals have such a hard time finding a permanent solution to this problem?

Efforts to combat slips, trips and falls predominantly focus on physical causes. This means that safety managers put out more wet floor signs, buy anti-slip cleaning products and regularly remind employees about housekeeping procedures.

But as the stubbornness of this problem has demonstrated, these measures aren’t enough. What’s missing is a solution to the primary cause of slips, trips and falls: human factors.

In a survey of over 1,200 people who are responsible for safety at their company, 98.5% of respondents believe that a worker’s state of mind affects their risk of slipping, tripping or falling. This isn’t surprising, and intuitively we all know that when we’re more distracted or tired we are more prone to making mistakes.

So if you haven’t been able to effectively cut back on the number of employees who are hurt by slips, trips and falls then it’s likely because you’re not taking the right steps to address human factors, and especially distraction.

Your best first step should be to review your options by downloading this free guide on slips, trips and falls. It outlines all the physical factors and human elements that play a role in causing slips, trips and falls and covers measures you can take to minimize their impact on your workers.

The guide is a great way to learn how to addressing human factors can lead to a dramatic reduction in the number of people getting hurt, how to improve employees’ safety habits and how to make your workers safer with every step they take.

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Slips, Trips and Falls: Balancing Human and Physical Causes

Are you overlooking hidden risk factors of slips, trips and falls? Do you know how to reduce inattention blindness? This presentation covers most common elements missing from the majority of slip, trip and fall prevention efforts—and lets you know what you can do to keep workers on their feet.

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