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Why Traditional Safety Approaches Are Not Enough for Employee Engagement

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In order to see improvements in culture, safety and performance, you first need employees to be engaged in their commitment to safety. Traditional approaches to safety typically focus on the company’s mandate and have little to do with the employee’s life outside of work. And therein lies the problem—traditional approaches rarely establish a personal commitment to safety.

Did you know that 80% of injuries and almost 94% of fatalities happen away from work? That’s why capturing employees’ engagement in safety while they’re at work is so important—it carries through into their life outside of work.

In our webinar Improving Culture, Safety and Performance With a 24/7 Approach, SafeStart’s Chief Client Officer Don Wilson breaks down the importance of 24/7 safety and explains how you can maximize safety in your own company. He talks about the traditional safety approaches and why those solutions don’t always work, noting that “in the real 24/7 world, you can’t always eliminate the hazardous energy.”

Don goes on to explain that the individual is the only system consistently present in scenarios where injuries can happen—both on and off the jobsite. He gives tips on how to effectively engage employees and get the highest level of retention. You’ll also hear a client success story from Jeffrey Clark where the same principles apply.

Watch this free webinar now and learn how to make your employees’ agenda for safety line up with your agenda for safety, and start seeing improvements in your culture, safety and performance.

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Improving Culture, Safety and Performance with a 24/7 Approach

80% of injuries happen off the job but most workplace safety programs only apply during work hours. In this webinar, you will learn how a 24/7 approach can increase employee engagement during safety training, improve your safety culture, and positively impact your bottom line.

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