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When Humor Meets Safety

SafeStart Consultant Tim Page-Bottorff presenting to an audience

EHS Today recently published an article on the unlikely intersection between humor and safety.

As the past president of the Arizona chapter of ASSE and a long-time SafeStart consultant, Tim Page-Bottorff is an expert safety trainer, and he knows firsthand the value of using humor in training sessions.

Humor can provide a livelier atmosphere for topics that tend to be dull, and it can also help trainers engage distracted or unruly audiences. Tim shares a number of tips and advice in the full article, which can be read here.

It’s worth the read—even just to find out how Tim uses Legos and tinker toys in some of his sessions. So the next time you’re preparing for a safety training sessions, try injecting a little humor and see for yourself just how effective it can be.

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