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To Lead in Safety, You Need a Good Supervisor Program

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SafeStart is officially launching SafeLead Skills for Supervisors, a brand-new offering that will transform how supervisors and other team leaders approach safety.

Many organizations struggle with frontline leadership who lack effective communication skills, the ability to recognize hazards or the tools to engage employees.

SafeLead provides new perspectives on human factors, safety conversations and leading by example. The course educates supervisors in a unique blend of classroom and on-the-floor learning, which helps learners rapidly absorb information and then put it into practice right away. 

Providing skills to frontline leaders on how to receive and give constructive input, while teaching them how human factors connect to safety outcomes, can have dramatic improvements in day-to-day engagement and overall safety results.

Team leaders who take SafeLead will be better prepared to identify safety issues, take positive action and improve safety results for their employees and the entire organization. 

Companies that implement SafeLead will see:

  • Stronger day-to-day assessments: Team leaders will understand how human factors connect to safety outcomes and provide leading indicators (including human factors in hazard identification, risk management and near-miss reporting).
  • More effective leadership skills: Supervisors will gain practical communication skills, including how to receive and give constructive feedback and engage employees.
  • Better safety outcomes: Company-wide safety results will improve once supervisors develop more safety knowledge and employee engagement skills.

SafeLead is designed for the leaders you have today. The program improves safety and performance outcomes by providing frontline leaders with the skills needed to effectively address human factors, worker performance, communication and improve safety.

For over two decades, SafeStart has transformed how workers think about human factors. Now that expertise is being applied to supervisors and team leaders with SafeLead Skills for Supervisors.

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