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Tim Page-Bottorff, Named Safety Professional of the Year

Tim Page-Bottorff, CSP, has been recognized as the Safety Professional of the Year by Region II of the American Society of Safety Engineers.

The ASSE Regional Safety Professional of the Year award is an honor acknowledging the dedication and outstanding contributions of a member to a specific Region. The Region II Awards and Honors committee have also submitted Mr. Bottorff into nomination for the national ASSE Society Safety Professional of the Year award.

SafeStart - Tim Page-Bottorff
Tim Page-Bottorff, CSP, ASSE Region II Safety Professional of the Year

Tim adds this award to his long list of safety achievements, including his work as the Past President of the Arizona ASSE Chapter, his extensive safety conference speaking and being a key member of our SafeStart workshop and consulting team.

Congratulate Tim when you see him at an upcoming SafeStart workshop or at one of his sessions at these health and safety conferences:

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Safety presentations can be yawn-inducing torture—but they don’t have to be. Humor in Safety helps you make safety training more effective with practical tips on the importance of storytelling, how to be more relatable and reframing the training topic to make it more engaging.

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