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The Ultimate Human Factors Conference Preparation Guide

Netwroking at a conference

The recent pandemic was enough to make anyone, whether they’re a seasoned conference-goer or a newbie, a bit unsure of what to expect when it comes to attending conferences again. When it comes to COVID-19 protocols, each conference has its own set of guidelines to follow. But when it comes to everything else, we have An Attendee’s Guide to Safety Conferences to help you regain your footing. This guide covers everything from making the case to go to the conference to networking tips for when you get there. It also provides an overall safety conference game plan to ensure you have the best experience possible.

One safety conference you should take note of is the SafeStart Human Factors Conference (HFC). It’s an exclusive way to learn how to close the gap on what’s been missing from your safety management system, regardless of what industry you’re in. For over 20 years, SafeStart has been at the forefront of human factors in safety. For this conference, SafeStart has gathered the best in the industry to educate and provide firsthand stories about human factors and safety. 

Almost 80% of safety pros look to conferences for educational opportunities and nearly just as many use conferences to gather new ideas. With over 20 industry leaders and SafeStart’s world-renowned speakers, the HFC will provide every opportunity for participants to hear from thought leaders and safety experts. 

Pro tip: select the sessions you’ll attend ahead of time. It’s a good idea to review the lineup of speakers to ensure you’re maximizing learning opportunities. Since the HFC runs concurrent sessions, you need to make sure you’re choosing the best session for your position and company. Our guide has session planning worksheets to keep you organized when you’re going through the list of conference presentations. 

Being prepared will also help you to schedule meetings with people in your industry. Whether you know ahead of time that some business contacts will be present or you meet new contacts at the conference and want to learn more from them, having a good handle on your schedule each day can ensure that there is time to meet for a brief chat between sessions. Check out to register, get the hotel information, and learn about the speaker lineup.

Guide to Safety Conferences

Safety Conference Guide

This guide contains tips on making the case to attend safety conferences, choosing sessions and how to maximize your experience.

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