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Safety in the Age of Coronavirus

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It only takes one case of coronavirus in your workplace to cause major disruption and to put the health of all your workers at risk. And while this may feel like an unprecedented time, it’s important to remember that certain tried-and-true safety techniques are capable of protecting the lives of your employees—and avoiding a shutdown caused by COVID-19.

As specialists in the acquisition of safe skills and habits, SafeStart has been advising clients on a number of key points to dramatically slow the spread of the virus, to keep employees safe from physical hazards on and off the job, and to optimize the performance of organizations against the current headwinds.

We’d like to remind you that:

  • Avoiding the coronavirus is a 24/7 pursuit.
  • Physical and biohazard incidents are prevented when knowledge is combined with awareness, habits and skills.
  • Essential workers are now at greater risk of physical incidents.
  • Employees are craving to be heard and to see leaders take bold action.
  • Demonstrated leadership influences individual employees to work safely.
  • Accidents drop when organizational and individual learning loops cycle quickly.

For more details on all of these points, download our Safety In the Age of Coronavirus brief.

This is a challenging period for business and safety leaders. Among researchers, times such as this are often called “moments of truth,” a time when strong leadership response (or the lack of it) can impact perceptions of the organization and the workforce’s commitment for years to come.

You don’t have to navigate the age of coronavirus alone. SafeStart is here to help you overcome the additional safety concerns posed by COVID-19. Reach out to us for support, advice or for a fresh perspective on the new ‘normal’. Because all of us are in this together.

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