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Learn How Multitasking is a Myth at the Arizona Distracted Driving Awareness Summit

Annual Arizona Distracted Driving Summit

Distracted driving is an ever-growing crisis on North American roads, so the Arizona Distracted Driving Awareness Summit hopes to lead the way towards change. This event brings together citizens, law enforcement agencies, legislators, elected officials, and numerous other state and national organizations to find a way to reduce and eliminate distracted driving.

One of the event’s keynote speakers and emcee is the NSC’s Distinguished Service to Safety Award recipient and SafeStart’s own Tim Page-Bottorff, who will present It’s Not Just Your Phone. Can Drivers Really Multitask? In his presentation, he will address the mistaken belief that multitasking behind the wheel is possible and point out that the phone is not the only distractor drivers face on the road. Tim is an extremely popular conference speaker with such an engaging and relatable delivery that often his sessions are standing room only.

The Summit offers many other educational sessions, presentations and group discussions to choose from. Subjects discussed include corporate policies, driver education, incident research, state and municipal ordinances and cooperation between citizens and government officials. Planned activities include a mock vehicle/pedestrian crash with simulated EMS rescue and student actors, interactive driving simulation activities, victim memorials,  and interaction with families and victims.

The event will be held on January 23 at the Wesley Bolin Plaza (Arizona State Capital) in Phoenix, so come along and help make the roads safer.  

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