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Kevin Cobb is Slaying Monsters at Safety Conferences and in his Book

Quite Feeding the Monsters

One of our most dynamic and sought after speakers and SafeStart trainers, Kevin Cobb, is embarking on another year of spreading his “monster-slaying” safety message.

Kevin is already booked as a presenter at more than two dozen health and safety events this year following a busy schedule last year at more than thirty events.  His topics vary by location, but wherever possible he speaks about, “Quit Feeding the Monsters” or “Slaying the Monsters” as they reflect his most passionate safety messages—so much so, that he authored an article and book by the same name, Quit Feeding the Monsters.

Kevin Cobb Quit Feeding the Monsters Cover

Typically receiving the highest reviews possible from his sessions and, combined with the success of his book, Kevin is attracting quite a following of “monster slayers” on Twitter (@JKevinCobb1) and at health and safety conferences.

Here are a few 2012 events where Kevin will be speaking:

  • ASSE PDC in Dallas, TX, Feb 6
  • NSC Artex in Dallas, TX, Feb 7- 8
  • NSC Omaha in Omaha, NE, Feb 23
  • PacRim ASSE in Honolulu, Hi, April 16-18
  • North Carolina Statewide Safety Conference, May 15-16
  • VPPPA National in Anaheim, CA, Aug 20-23

Kevin is also very busy with and very interested in corporate speaking engagements with our SafeStart clients. For booking information, availability and topic selection, please contact:

Ruth Steeves
Events Manager

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