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Jim Grieve Delivers the World’s Most Universal Safety Techniques

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The 24th Colorado Prima Annual Conference will be held in the Rocky Mountains in August and Jim Grieve will be a featured session speaker.

Jim Grieve, SafeStart Client Engagement and Implementation Specialist, will be speaking on The World’s Most Universal Safety Techniques. Did you know that almost 75% of injuries occur off the job? This interactive session will teach participants 24/7 safety, including how to identify the states of mind that cause critical errors and affect decision making. Attendees will also learn how to plan strategies to reduce errors and remain safe.

Jim has the ability to ignite conversations amongst attendees, so he’s sure to have people talking. He delivers his presentations with expert knowledge and his easygoing nature and real-life examples allow him to relate to his audience. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear Jim speak—his presentations are eye-opening and inspiring.

The Colorado Public Risk Management Association has been providing education and training to their members of public sector risk management professionals for over 20 years. The 2015 conference will take place from August 9–11. It begins with a golf tournament, offers nine accomplished speakers, and ample networking opportunities.


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