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The Impact of Fatigue: Sleep or Die

Many of us have a sense that drowsiness can represent a danger in the workplace. But few people are fully aware of just how much fatigue can affect almost every aspect of your life… and it’s far more serious than you think.

The impact of fatigue is highlighted in an infographic called “Sleep or Die”, which shows how fatigue impacts your health (higher risk of diabetes and diseases), productivity (reduced memory, creativity and cognitive functioning) and safety (increased risk of injury, especially when driving).

Fatigue is caused by any number of sources, from difficulty sleeping to overexertion and even being on call. For safety professionals, it’s one of the four major human factors that contribute to injuries, so take a look at the infographic and make a plan to manage fatigue in your company’s workforce. (If you need help, register for SafeStart’s fatigue webinar.)

Infographic displaying the effects of missing sleep

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